ISLAMABAD-Nova City Society, which is rapidly making its name in the real estate sector in Pakistan, is also a leader in welfare activities. According to the details, orphans are being sponsored by Nova City in Pakistan Sweet Home. These children are being provided free of charge facilities by Nova City in Pakistan Sweet Home, which includes food, transportation, accommodation, uniform, quality education, stationery and even all the facilities of life. Apart from teaching at Pakistan Sweet Home, the children are also taken to Nova City School twice a week. Last year’s excellent matric results are testament to the tireless efforts of Nova City staff. Pakistan Sweet Home gives special attention to children’s character building as well as computer, IT, robotics and sports. Not only this, Nova City also gives bonuses to all these students and teachers, which is admirable. Nova City is unique that this housing project actively participates in commercial activities as well as in activities that serve the poor people living in the country. Nova City is committed to promoting economic activities in the country as well as doing philanthropic work and doing something for Pakistan. Nova City is the first housing society to bear cost of education and housing of thousands of orphans. Nova City’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in the country as well as charity work and doing something for orphans is admirable.

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