PML-N leader and finance czar Miftah Ismail said on Thursday took a dig at Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, saying his actions yielded nothing but damages to Pakistan.

Talking to a private news channel, the former finance minister said he was incognizant of the facts as to why Mr Dar was brought to Pakistan to spearhead the economic matters. In September last, Mr Ismail resigned as finance minister in line with the party’s decision after it picked Ishaq Dar as his replacement.

The government had now conceded that there was no way except surrendering to the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the revival of the much-needed loan programme, he highlighted.

Replying to a question about recently launched national dialogue series titled “Reimagining Pakistan” and ties with the PML-N, he said: “I am still a part of the PML-N and that party had taken no action against him”. Mr Ismail said he had no plans of contesting elections in the future.

He lamented a strange system had been established in the country where “handful elite class” took all the major decisions.

Pakistan was lagging in the development race, he said while pinpointing bad governance as a major factor in it.

He called for the devolution of powers to the local level in order to fix the governance, besides stressing on creating jobs for the low strata of society.

“We are also responsible as we could not fix the system in Pakistan,” he admitted.

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