The adrenaline, the fright, the intent to do something right, to make a difference, to do what no one else dared to, a war that gave them everything and took it all away too, a girl from London and a charming photographer from France, they’re story, the sort you never came across.

Ghost by Daylight, did not tell one story, it told billions, it broke you as it walked you through the barbaric war-ridden streets of Sarajevo, it gave you the thrill of one of a kind love story, the warmth of a mother holding her baby afraid to let him go in this ferocious world, the chic life in France and the undying love of a father, a husband.

The story unfolds in an apartment in France where Janine, a war correspondent, and her husband Bruno try to pick up and mold the ruins of their lives the war left behind. The actual battle begins when the horrific memories of the war, the dead bodies, the blood, the children don’t let them go, eating them up piece by piece. They made them question their decision to bring a child into a world where the lives were extinguished as if they meant nothing at all. Fighting their own battle, along with watching their colleagues finding refuge in the cruel hands of death, losing their loved ones one by one, the bitter realities of life unravel upon them. The bitter reality is that in the end, you are on your own and that there are some paths you have to cross by yourself, all alone.

Both the storyline and the writing style blew me away. Janine is a gifted writer who knows how to walk you through every moment and emotion. She knows how to swiftly move between different timelines and to justly pen down the stories that deserve to be heard, to be known. The job of a war correspondent, a soldier might seem easy but it takes away so much more than just a few days of your life. This book shows the importance of both an employed woman and the one who decides to stay home and raise a family. This is one-of-a-kind writing that I would highly recommend reading as you might find yourself in Janine or Bruno or Moneau or Bapu or Richard and you might be amazed how everyone is such a significant individual. Life is a tough journey, you can either triumph or go down.

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