Yesterday, we received a call from the Prime Minister Office. Dr Arslan Khalid, the focal person of Prime Minister Imran Khan on digital media called us and said that PM Imran Khan wants to meet Youtubers and digital media content creators. Sixteen youngsters were invited and all were present Tuesday. Reporters, who cover PM office, and General Manager of Digital Media Wing of Government of Pakistan, Mr Imran Ghazali were also present. Prime Minister Office was the meeting place.

PM entered the meeting room at the decided time. It was the room where the federal cabinet meets every week. PM was wearing grey Kameez Shalwar with a same colour jacket. Senator Faisal Javed Khan, Shahbaz Gill and Dr Arslan Khalid were accompanying him when he entered the meeting room. He was smiling and confident. Soup and garlic bread were presented to the guests. This meeting lasted for one hour and a few minutes.

First, the prime minister talked for half an hour and discussed his achievements and challenges. He then talked about the current political, security and financial challenges. Then question-answer session started. The very first question was about PM’s relations with the military establishment, especially after the appointment of the new spy chief. PM said his relationship is ideal with the military now. He said the opposition is now playing mind games and he is the specialist in these game. He said the next three weeks are important because the opposition will keep needling in this period but it will end in his favor.

He said Usman Buzdar is a soft target for media and opposition because of his shy nature and his absence from media. He showed his utmost confidence in himself and Usman Buzdar. He said there should be some solid reasons to change the CM and he has not yet about Buzdar.

PM admitted that his media team and cabinet are lacking in media strategy and showcasing the biggest successes of this government.

A question was asked about the appointment of the new Chief of Army Staff and PM responded that November is too far, keep this question for later.  A straight question was asked if the government is going or not. PM smiled and said Absolutely Not, the government is not going anywhere. He said the army will never go with looters.

PM said the military respects him because he has done so much for the country, including his strategy about COVID that was a big problem. He shared a poetic verse of Ghalib and said: Mushkilen mujh per pareen etni kay aasaan ho gaen.

A question was asked about Jahangir Khan Tareen and PM said as he knows JKT, he will never stand among traitors. Questions were also asked about the former spy chief and Aleem Khan in which PM responded that he is the captain, and he will not show everything at once. He will keep showing the cards with time instead.

Are foreign hands involved against you? A question came and PM responded yes. Many foreign hands are involved in the current political noise but he showed his confidence that nothing will happen. He said maybe IMF will be used against Pakistan in the future, but we will see when the time will come.


Umar Inam is a freelance journalist and YouTuber. He tweets @UmerInamPk

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