The world is changing fast. Social media platforms further enhance this change. Nowadays, social media platforms play such an active role in our life that we cannot ignore them. It has changed many things in the past few years. The way businesses run and marketing is done and, in fact, how activism is done has changed too. We realized the power of social media back during the #MeToo movement. Later, the Black Lives Matter movement ensured its supremacy. The Black Lives Matter was not limited to tweets or WhatsApp Status. The online activism took a turn and shifted to a solid offline movement too. Millions of supporters from across the globe took to the street to voice their concerns. The power of social media activism is truly realized during such powerful movements. 

The Importance Of Social Media Activism 

Even though social media platforms are used to post Cool Photos, their usage has extended a lot. These platforms, which are used by billions of users from across the globe, are also used for voicing opinions and protests. Many people own smartphones and there are billions of social media users across the world; this makes social media platforms very powerful. The easy accessibility can make any movement powerful. 


In the era of social media activism, a national movement is not limited to the nation. It often takes the form of a global movement. Social media platforms provide an inclusive space for everyone to voice their opinions and freedom. A report by PewResearch Center has indicated that in 2020, one-third of all social media users have used the platform to support a cause. In addition, people also look for social media platforms to find explanations and follow the events of a protest. Till now, social media platforms have proved to be extremely powerful when it comes to dealing with topics like anti-abortion laws, climate change; Black Lives Matter and women’s harassment. 


In addition, it is also used to raise awareness of different topics. During the global pandemic, government, non-government organizations and even individuals used social media platforms to raise awareness and help the masses. 

What Makes Social Media Activism Successful?

It is easier to find like-minded people on social media platforms than too on a global level. The improved reachability helps like-minded people to come together to stand for a cause. Once a topic touches the limelight of social media, it is often further given a push by the media houses too. It further increases the importance of the issue and helps other like-minded people to come together. 


Social media users often use hashtags for social media activism. These hashtags are measurable. The popularity of the hashtag then indicates how popular the movement is. Therefore, in the current time, it is not shocking for anyone to see that governments of many countries block the internet or certain hashtags from social media platforms to stop the growth of a movement, especially if it has the potential to incite violence. 


There is a requirement to ensure a balance on social media platforms. Social media activism is powerful, but it needs to be controlled too. The different agencies should ensure that social media activism is not used to incite violence of any form. Secondly, it is also essential to ensure to stop the spread of misinformation on such platforms. 

Safe Participation In Social Media Activism 

The easy accessibility of social media platforms makes it possible for everyone to join a movement. However, one should be careful while joining social media activism. Firstly, check the source. Before sharing any information, check its source and verify it. In this way, you can eliminate the spread of misinformation and be sure of the movement you are joining. 


Secondly, uplift the marginalized voices if possible. In your statuses, you can consider sharing the voices of the people actually playing an active role at the grassroots level. Thirdly, let go of the notion that social media activism cannot bring real change. We have previously witnessed the power of social media platforms and therefore acknowledge its power. If you truly believe in a cause, take a stand for it on social media platforms. Individual efforts matter to bring a real change. Social media activism is powerful and we now cannot ignore its power. 

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