ISLAMABAD – The sale of motorbikes and three-wheelers in the country has witnessed a decrease of 31.71 percent during the first eight months of the current fiscal year (2022-23) as compared to sales of the corresponding period of the last year. During the months under review, as many as 838,880 motorbikes and three-wheelers were sold against the sale of 1,228,540 units in July-February (2021-22), according to the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA). The sale of Suzuki motorcycles, however, witnessed an increase of 1.90 percent, rising from 24,515 units last year to 24,981 units during the months under review, whereas the sale of Honda motorcycles dipped by 23.26 percent, from 903,659 units to 697,864 units. Similarly, the sale of Yamaha motorbikes also went down from 16,113 units to 8,623 units, witnessing a decline of 46.48 percent, while the sale of Road Prince motorbikes witnessed a sharp decline of 67.96 percent, falling from 69,018 units to 22,109 units. The sales of United Auto motorcycles also declined by 61.63 percent, from 185,628 units to 71,213 units. Meanwhile, the sale of Road Prince three-wheelers dipped from 5,587 units to 1,326 units while the sale of Qingqi three-wheelers also decreased by 46.47 percent from 9,769 units to 5,229 units. The sale of United Auto three-wheelers has shown a decrease of 47.91 percent from 2,112 units to 1,100 units, the data revealed.

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