LONDON     –    King Charles III appeared losing his cool during the Changing of Guard ceremony out of the Buckingham palace, ordering troops to quiet down. The 74-year-old monarch has reportedly complained that the Changing of Guard ceremony has been too noisy, distracting him from his state business, according to a leaked memo from the monarch’s office obtained by The Sun. The note reportedly said, “His Majesty remarked the other day how loud the outgoing sentries were at St James’s Palace in the morning.” It added: “Full marks for vigour and volume, but please could you pass down to those on guard that Clarence House is a residence and so some volume control would be very much appreciated by those inside!” Prince William and Harry’s father, who is set to be officially crowned on May 6, reportedly struggles to accomplish any work inside Clarence House while the troops barked orders outside his windows. It is to mention here that The Changing of the Guard ceremony regularly takes place outside of Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace, which is located near King Charles and Queen Camilla’s residence Clarence House.

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